Personal Training

I am about to get real with you – I value clients who are committed, have unshakable determination and will let nothing get in their way when it comes to their results. What’s the point otherwise? As your PERSONAL trainer – I guarantee that I will get up close and PERSONAL when it comes to your building your fitness, confidence, mindset and nutrition.

It is not enough to invest financially; your journey becomes a COLLABORATION. I need to know that your willingness to change & to put in the work is in alignment with the effort and time that I will invest in you as an individual.

When it comes to bullsh*t – I’ve heard it all, and not just from clients.

Let’s get transparent – there’s isn’t an excuse that you can give me that I’ve haven’t heard before, but I wouldn't be working on your side if I didn't see them for what they are. There are going to be times when you find things challenging but I want to lift you up and will always have your best interests at heart.

In the same way – I’m not going to say '24 hour Whatsapp access' or 'miracle fat loss is easy' – firstly, I commit to you what you commit to me and secondly, I’m not about to reduce your calories to an unmanageable amount on a temporary basis just for a lovely before and after picture.

The Strong and Sassy way is to look at the marathon and not the sprint and equip you with all the tools and accountability to achieve the results you can’t stop thinking about - whether it’s strength, self-esteem, body fat composition, confidence, endurance or whatever your goal may be.

What I expect from you?

  • Reality – up front honesty and openness at all times.
  • Practicality – time, accessibility etc.
  • Time tagged proof of your workouts and nutritional choices.
  • Regular communication and update on your progress.


Strong and Sassy Live - Online PT
£100.00 p/month
  • 2 x Facetime/Skype workouts
  • Action Plan Consultation (Facetime/Phone)
  • Access to Personalised PT App
  • Online Tracker
  • Whatsapp access (Delegated time slots)
  • Rolling blocks
  • Nutritional direction (Crucial to your results)
  • Bespoke Program to follow independently
  • Weekly Check-In
  • S.A.S.S Event Pass
  • Rolling contract of 3 months if results to be achieved
1-2-1 Session PAYG
£30 p/session
  • 1-2-1
  • 1 hour
Up Close and Personal 1-2-1 Block
£200.00 p/4 Weeks
  • Based in Celtic Academy Newport
  • Face-to-face Action Plan Consultation
  • 2 x 1-2-1 PT sessions
  • Whatsapp access
  • Access to Personalised PT App
  • Online Tracker
  • Nutritional direction (Crucial to your results)
  • Structured Training Phases
  • Rolling blocks
  • S.A.S.S Event Pass
  • Rolling blocks

All services are valid from 1 month from purchase date